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Christmas Biscuit Candy Train for kids

Christmas Ginger Biscuit Candy Train for kids - easy homemade Christmas kids train made from biscuits, candies and homemade royal icing.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: European



  • 1 pack white biscuits (that do not break that easily)
  • 1 pack cacao round biscuits
  • 1 pack M&M's
  • 1 pack Skittles
  • 1 pack gummy beard

Homemade Royal Icing

  • 1, 1/2 cups /150g powdered white sugar US cup measures
  • 1 egg egg white needed
  • 2 drops vanilla optional


Royal Icing

  • In a small mixing bowl, beat egg white to stiff peaks. on high speed. Then add powdered white sugar & vanilla and mix until combined on low speed. Mix should be sticky. Set aside and prepare train ingredients, then use accordingly (for sticking elements together or decorating)


  • Start by assembling the train cars. We used 4 biscuits for each car (depends on biscuit size and type). Apply royal icing on each biscuit - on the side that will be attached to another biscuit. Divide biscuits in two where needed to fit the car on each side. Assemble gently and set aside until icing dries out (approx 10-15 min). Continue until all train cars are assembled.
  • Then make the locomotive. Take 6 round cacao biscuits (like oreo) and stick them to one another with icing. Set aside and let dry.
  • Once icing on train cars and locomotive has dries out, take a biscuit and cover with icing on each side - use as binding biscuit to connect the cars - continue untill all train cars and locomotive in the front are connected.
  • Then divide round cacao cookies in two and stick to each side of each car with icing (with round side up) to make the weels.
  • Then cover the locomotive with icing to make it snowy. Use icing to glue M&M's on the side of the train cars and on the front of the locomotive (to make lights). Add the chocolate bar as locomotive chimney and let stick together.
  • Then fill each train car with candies and gummy bears. Usign a small strainer sprinckle powdered white sugar around the train to make 'snow'. Refill train cars once candies get eaten.


Number of cars and train decoration areindicative. Feel free to modify in accordance with our preferences. As you can see, train does not have to be perfect to be tatsy. One can eat the whole train or just the train car candy. 
If you wish you can use store-bought icing to glue biscuits together. Our homemade icing is perfect for sticking things together as well as decorating the train (or gingerbread houses as well). 
In the USA our biscuits are usually called graham crackers.