Tropical Papaya Mango Smoothie

Smooth and creamy, this homemade tropical papaya mango smoothie is ready in 10 minutes. It can be prepared with frozen or fresh fruits. Simple and easy to make in the morning at home, it contains only natural ingredients and thus is suitable for kids.

Tropical Papaya Mango Smoothie Recipe for kids and weight loss

When my first child was born I somehow manages to keep on with making a fresh healthy juice or a smoothie at home. However, when my second child was born, well I had so little energy ( he didn’t sleep at all at night for over 2 years), I started giving up some of the things I previously did for myself and my family. Juicing and smoothies was one of them. Finally, when I regained my energy and baby started sleeping better at night, I had the desire to go back to my healthy habits (so to say).

What I love about smoothies is that the fibres remain in the drink. That helps a lot with irregular tummies!

Tropical Papaya Mango Smoothie – Ingredients

  1. Coconut milk – Lately, I prefer using a store-bough organic coconut milk, just because of time constrains. However, you can make your own coconut milk at home by blending full fat coconut shreds with some medjool dates (pitted) and some vanilla extract. Preserve in glass bottle ( I use these from IKEA) in the fridge up to 3 days.
  2. Banana – banana gives extra natural sweetness and texture to the smoothie. If you’d like replace with frozen zucchini chunks.
  3. Papaya – for this tropical smoothie I’ve used both frozen and fresh papaya. It’s really up to you to choose.
  4. Mango – use fresh or frozen, as with papaya.
  5. Peach – adding fresh peaches to the smoothie gives it extra sweetness and exceptional aroma.
  6. Honey (or agave nectar) – adding a sweetener like honey or agave (for vegan version) is optional. Personally, I rarely add as the sweetness of the fruit is enough.
  7. Ice cubes – depending on whether you use frozen or fresh fruits, ice is also optional. Ice helps smoothies get colder and not that thicker.

How to make Tropical Papaya Mango smoothie? – tips

Making smoothies is extra easy if you have a blender on hand. Simply place all ingredients in and blend. Here are some tips to consider.

  1. Use a high speed blender to reach maximum smoothness.
  2. If using frozen fruits and/or ice cubes, always use the ice crush function first, then blend on high speed. That way your blender’s knife will ‘live” longer.
  3. Some like their smoothies extra thick, others (like me!) like it with the consistency of a regular juice (meaning more liquid-y) – you can easily control the thickness of your smoothie by adding more/less fruit, milk or ice to it.
The Best Homemade Tropical Papaya Mango Smoothie Recipe with fresh or frozen fruit
Tropical Papaya Mango Smoothie Recipe with Coconut Milk

Tropical Papaya Mango Smoothie

Healthy Mango Papaya Smoothie with coconut milk. Smooth and creamy, this tropical smoothie is easy to make at home with a handful of ingredients. Perfect for breakfast smoothie bowls too.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine European


  • Blender High speed


  • 500 ml (16 oz) coconut milk
  • 1/2 medium banana pealed and sliced
  • 1/4 cup papaya (frozen or fresh) chuncks
  • 1/4 cup mango (frozen or fresh) chuncks
  • 1 peach (small) chuncks
  • ice if desired
  • 1 tbsp honey/agave nectar if desired


  • In a blender of choice place coconut milk, papaya, mango, banana and peach. Pulse on high speed until smooth and creamy (around 3-4 minutes in my blender).
  • Distribute in cups / bottles and add ice if desired.


If using frozen fruits pulse a few times before blending to reduce frozen fruit size. Then blend on high speed. That way you preserve the belender’s knife for longer.
If you like your smoothies thicker, please add more fruit to the smoothie. I like my smoothies to be a pinch thicker than regular fruit juice. 
If you’d like, substitute coconut milk for pineapple juice or orange juice to make it even more tropical. 
Consume right after you make the smoothie. It does not preserve well for longer periods of time.
If you like smoothies to be extra sweet, add honey/ agave nectar. However, I find the sweetness of fruits to be enough for my family’s taste. 
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