Oat Blueberry Smoothie (5-Ingredients)

Creamy, 5-ingredient blueberry smoothie with oat milk. The perfect kid-friendly nourishing morning or afternoon drink.


It’s smoothie season again. Horray! That means, we get to enjoy nature’s flavors and colors in a cup every single day. And if you know me (I’m guessing you do not), you know I love my smoothies and juices in the morning. They are an absolute (PMS in particular) saver and energy booster. With some added maca powder and a pinch of spirulina, mm, yum, yum.

For this particular recipe batch I used store –bought organic oat milk which contains no sugar, but only water, oats and a pinch of salt (acting as preservative).  

Oat Blueberry Smoothie - simple to make, under 10 minutes, only 5 ingredients-creamy and tasty. Kid-friendly


Lucky me, my 2 year old loves all the smoothies and juices I make. That wasn’t always the case though, in the very beginning – he’d only drink it with a pink straw and served in my big (read 500 ml) tea cup. So, I did offer it with a pink reusable straw and using my giant tea cup for only 100 ml of smoothie. That made me think early on; maybe it’s not that he doesn’t like the taste, but rather the experience. So, next time your little one pushes the cup away, ask yourself what you can do to help him/her overcome feeding-related fears.

Asking ourselves makes all the difference in the world, pinky promise.


One thing is certain; we all have busy mornings (at least some days). That is where good old ‘’preparation’’ comes in handy. What I’ll do is, from the night before, take the smoothie maker on the counter and place all smoothie ingredients next to it (except the ones that stay in freezer/fridge) along with the cups and bottles & utensils I intend to use.  If I’m using homemade non-dairy milks, then I’ll make them the night before and store in a bottle in the fridge. All that may seem daunting or even unnecessary, but it has significantly reduced the morning hustle in my kitchen. Ten extra snuggle minutes with my little boy, well, I’ll take it!

MAKE IT VEGAN: If you want to make this smoothie vegan, simply replace the honey in the recipe with maple syrup or agave nectar.

MAKE IT CREAMIER: Recipe seems to light to you, no worries, Just add a half (or whole) banana to the mix. I prefer using frozen bananas as they are much thicker than the non-frozen. If you want to avoid using banana in your smoothie, grab some Greek Yogurt and add to the mix. A spoon or 2 will do. Just be prepared for the slightly sour-y  flavor that’s coming from the Yogurt.


If you are a juicer – fan, than this Morning sickness (refreshing) juice might be the thing for you. Psst, it’s good for you, pregnant or not.

Oat Blueberry Smoothie (5-Ingredients)

5- Ingredient oat blueberry smoothie – the perfect light morning or afternoon non-alcoholic drink. It’s light and creamy at the same time and can easily be made vegan if desired.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 700 ml


  • 2, 1/2 cups (500 ml) oat milk, homemade or organic
  • Juice of one orange
  • 1 cup blueberries, frozen or fresh
  • 1 chunk peeled ginger, to taste
  • 3 tbsp honey / agave nectar, preferably organic


  • Place all ingredients in your smoothie maker and blend until smooth.
  • If you use frozen fruits, make sure to turn on your ice cubes breaker first (to preserve the blender knife better). Then switch to regular smoothie making program and blend until desired smoothness is reached.
  • Pour into your cup or desired carry-bottle/thermos. Add ice cubes if desired. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

For more kid – friendly and preparation ideas + Vegan and Creamier options, please check above recipe. Ingredient quantities are indicative. Please adjust ingredients to reach desired thickness and/ or sweetness.
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