Hi friends, welcome to my small European kitchen!

I’m Ana and I live in the eastern parts of Europe ( a car drive from Greece) with my wonderful husband and our two cheeky boys.  Although my background is in Law and Contracts, my heart goes to all things real food and outdoor fun with family. Therefore, the majority of my (never enough) free time is spent in the kitchen or hiking with family somewhere green.

The European Dish is my virtual cookbook where I share (predominantly) recipes from all across Europe. Moreover, our household combines French and Bulgarian heritage, so you could definitely see it reflected in my recipes.

My hope is that while browsing through my recipe collection you can find some gastronomic treasures, you have never seen/tasted before. Enjoy!


I have a simple approach to food – I opt for real foods. Food that is prepared at home, food that prioritizes ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. Like – vegetables, fruits, grains, quality protein (read fish, meats, eggs, etc.), quality dairy products, nuts and seeds, and quality spices. No heavily processed foods, and difficult to pronounce ingredients.

That being said, I like to give myself permission to eat something ‘less healthy’ whenever I really, really want to (like when I was pregnant with my second child and I craved McDonalds burgers). Nevertheless, on a daily basis, I strive to serve my family meals made of recognizable ingredients, cooked consciously with love and care. I try to reflect that in my recipes being published here as well.


The European Dish is my small virtual space where I share recipes native to Europe (predominantly). On my blog you can find:

  • Traditional European Cuisine – recipes that are served traditionally in Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Serbia and many more European countries.
  • Modern European Cuisine – meals that have been filtered through generations and time: think – recipes that combine neighboring European food cultures, or recipes influenced by food all across the globe.
  • Worldwide cuisine – here and there you may come across some recipes that are popular across the world – think smoothies, juices, etc.

That being said, one should not forget all recipes published on the blog are filtered through my own food philosophy and my family’s taste. Most of the recipes carry and European zest, but if I cook something good outside the aforementioned scope, I would definitely share it here. After all whatever you see here, we eat at home.


If you read through all of the above, thank you! I would really love to stay in touch and be friends.

Love from Europe,